Quail Run is a truly unique public school where students of diverse abilities can each find academic success. Children are inquisitive by nature. They do not need coercion to learn- they want to learn! Quail Run is a place where students feel safe to explore, to learn and to grow. Everyday, students participate a variety of flexible learning groups that may include students of diverse interests, backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages, native languages, energy levels, academic abilities, and learning styles. The fun atmosphere and emphasis on student accountability create an environment where students learn by "doing".

Quail Run's hands-on methodology and multi-sensory experiences move the instructional focus away from chalkboard lectures and textbooks toward a system of student-created work products, activities conducted in outdoor classrooms and a general philosophy that lets young students wiggle while they learn. Teachers encourage student directed learning via content area reading opportunities and scientific exploration. Students participate in weekly “world classroom” experiences including virtual assemblies, walking tours, outdoor class periods, and traditional field trips. All lessons plans used in Quail Run classrooms incorporate gross motor activities. Our desk free zones and alternative seating options, such as yoga balls and standing desks, encourage students to find comfortable learning positions that allow them to focus their energy on the task at hand rather than worrying about sitting still for long periods of time.

Students demonstrate their proficiency through many forms of expression including art projects, journaling, oral exams, essays, presentations, electronic portfolios, written tests, quizzes, teacher observations, personal reflection, self-assessment, and student interviews. Parents, teachers and students meet together to review progress every 9 weeks.

Our innovative methodology and integrated curriculum encourage students to learn through discovery and make connections to real-life situations. Quail Run's inter-disciplinary lesson plans emphasize practical application, and environmental and community responsibility. School-wide thematic units encourage cross-curricular connections while after-school enrichment classes give students the opportunity to explore specific subject areas in more depth.


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