Career and Technical Education: Engineering and Technology

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. At the middle school level students can explore three pathways: Family and Consumer Science, Business, and Technology and Engineering.

Technology and Engineering replaces traditional wood shop classes and incorporates computer technologies. Students study electronics, construction management, plastics and metals manufacturing and structural engineering.

All 7th grade students are required to take CTE intro which gives students experience with all three pathways. Students will also work with a guidance counselor to develop educational goals that coincide with their career interests.

8th graders may choose from a variety of CTE electives. These electives are generally only open to 8th graders. When Quail Run expands to include 9th grade, additional CTE courses will be available.

Quail Run tailors its CTE courses to fit with the Quail Run educational philosophy. Technology and Engineering students learn to build photovoltaic panels and launch rockets. They study wind turbines. They develop computer programming skills. They learn the pros and cons of older technologies and skills such as metal working and then compare them with newer technologies such as automated laser cutting. They also pick several of their own projects which lets them direct their own educational journey as per Quail Run’s mission statement.

CTE is a hands-on learning experience that is open to all Quail Run middle school students regardless of ability.

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