About Us

Welcome to Quail Run, a Utah public charter school serving students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Our beautiful "green" school is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah's City of Trees, and sits at the base of the American Fork Canyon. A walking, biking and horseback riding trail borders the school property on the north; and to the south, Mill Creek winds through a hundred-year-old grove of trees.

When you visit our school, you might be surprised at our unique model. Is Quail Run right for your family? Consider these key educational differences between Quail Run and other schools:







An active education where students learn by doing; Cross-curricular projects that reinforce student-led discovery of new ideas


Drill and practice worksheets that bore students and waste paper



A community where multiple teachers partner as co-teachers—sharing spaces, materials and ideas


Single teachers working in isolated classrooms



Strong focus on all required core subjects including the arts (dance, theatre, music and visual art), science and social studies


Programs that ignore the essential subjects of science and fine arts



Students moving frequently to stretch both the body and the mind


Students sitting at desks all day long




Teachers respect family time; Home-to-school connections provide family activities that reinforce real-life applications of concepts taught at school


Busywork sent home as daily homework




Classrooms uniquely designed to meet the needs of specific subjects: dance, science, math, art—all "buzzing" with the sounds of hands-on learning


Classroom after classroom with rows of students sitting silently at their desks



Every child works with a math specialist holding a math endorsement; Grade level teachers co-teach with trained reading specialists


Each teacher expected to be an expert in every subject, even those they don’t enjoy or have experience with


Quail Run is different... and different is good! Join us now for a fantastic learning experience.