Student Council

The Quail Run Primary School Student Council is up and running.  The council is made up of 3 elected members from each of grades 4 through 8, as well as a number of non-elected student volunteers.  The students are working very hard to help Quail Run to meet its goal of being the best school in the area.  The student government is student led.  Although the council meets with the advisor once per week, the discussions, activities and policies are from the students themselves.

During the week preceding Valentine's Day, our student council will be selling "valentine-o-grams." Students may purchase a card and small treat for a friend and write a personalized message. The student council will deliver the items on Valentine's Day. Parents can also support our student council by purchasing "valentine-o-grams" for their own children. Drop by during lunchtime and visit the student council booth in the breakout area off the lunchroom.

Other up-coming projects include:  student to student education and monitoring dealing with anti-bullying, middle school student mentoring and tutoring for younger students, middle school spring dance, and grade level lunch activities for students. The students are very excited to be actively participating in their school’s development and look forward to a fantastic second half of the year.