Volunteer Program

Quail Run Primary School recommends each family volunteer one hour each week per student. By volunteering in your child's classroom you have the opportunity to meet your child's teachers and observe your child's behavior and academic progress first hand. If you are unable to volunteer during the day, we have many projects that can be completed on the weekends. We also need help preparing for school events and activities. Email volunteer@QRPS.org for details.

Record your volunteer hours here.

Check this page to learn about the Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities and Committees and the Current Volunteer Opportunities available.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE: We are providing dinner for our great teachers on Wednesday, November 27, 2012. If you are able to help, please contact Tonya Edvalson at Tonya@QRPS.org.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities and Committees

SCHOOL NEWSLETTER: Help coordinate and publish the school newsletter on a monthly basis

READING: Help organize and coordinate read-a-thons, book fairs, the spelling bee, book drives, etc.

FUNDRAISING/DONATION COMMITTEE: Help recruit community sponsors, coordinate donations, and organize fundraising events including the Fall Luau and Spring Gala.

ENRICHMENT CLASS TEACHER: Interested in teaching an after-school enrichment class.

INSPIRATIONS ART PROGRAM: Help organize and coordinate the school Inspirations Art Program.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Help to maintain the school blog, website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

LUNCHROOM HELPERS: Help serve food during breakfast or lunch, wipe tables, monitor students and/or scan student ID cards for school lunches.

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Help photograph special events and/or daily activities at the school.

RECESS MONITOR: Help monitor recess activities.

CLASSROOM HELPERS: Volunteer in reading, writing, or math classes on a regular basis. Please, no small children.

GRADE PARENT: This is much like a room parent. Meet with the grade level teacher and coordinate holiday parties.

STUDENT BIRTHDAYS: Help coordinate the birthday box, birthday table, birthday cards, etc. for student birthdays.

5Rs COMMITTEE: Help organize and coordinate our recycling program.

SERVICE LEARNING COMMITTEE: Help organize the green house and school gardens.

GENERAL HELP: There are always projects that come up that can include projects from home, field trips, school events, etc.